Saturday, 12 October 2013

Furniture and Football and Foolishness.

The Saturday edition of the Sarasota Herald-Tribune newspaper is hardly worth buying (by a person of my age and circumstances).

For it is always dominated by (a)  reports of local High School (American) Football games, and by (b)  all too many advertisements for  furniture. (I'll warrant that this is also the case for many other local 'papers).

I can "live with this"  so to speak, but it raises a couple of questions.

First:  Do American people develop a lust for new furniture each weekend?

Second:  Why is furniture (and beds/ mattresses)   always on SALE?  (i.e., why do these items never have a fixed and advertised price?)  

The answer lies deep in the nature of capitalism (hee hee), and in the mythical "free market",  and in P.T. Barnum's observation about "suckers".

Capitalism attracts so many suckers: especially the Republicans for whom the so-called free market  is more potent than the free grace of God in Jesus Christ.

I should of course also criticize Democrats. But it is the Republicans who are at present "hoisting the free market and less government" flag as if it were the teaching  of Jesus.


Of course my American capitalist/republican/tea party friends are free to write me off as a romantic socialist , rather than as a Christian who tries to be faithful to the teachings of the bible.

But I will always take the teachings of  the bible (with regard to justice) over and against the suckers of the current  *Republican ideology/idiocy.

*Name it and shame it!

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