Monday, 7 October 2013

Meeting David C for the first time

I met David C today.  David is the brother of C and brother in law of R - my  Sarasota friends who live down at Gulf Gate.

David C and his wife are moving from Belchertown MA to west central Florida.

The moment I encountered David C I thought "now there's an honest face for you"  As we chatted over lunch my initial hunch was more and more confirmed  -  I was meeting a man of deep and gentle truth, and purity of heart.

Later in the day his sister wrote to me saying

"David would have loved to spend the afternoon asking you questions about theology and history.  He is a farmer who reads ancient history and the Congressional Record and quotes both"
In these days of bitterness, boredom and cynicism it was such a pleasure to meet such a man
"in whom there is no guile".

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