Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Halloween NO Easter YES

Halloween used to be a bit of fun and nonsense in American culture.

It has now been commercialised and exported to the four corners of the earth.

So be it.  The "market" is in control.

But the market"  has also determined that a bit of harmless fun and nonsense has been transformed into a celebration of the dark side.

I hate this, with the "zombies", the "living dead", the shocking faux-cruelties etc.

What in human nature favours the dark side:  cruelty, misery, fear and the like?

Is our culture acting out a collective death wish?  I suspect so.

I wish to God that the "market" would pay more attention to the celebration of joy and life which is Easter, than to the misery, death, darkness, and  hopelessness which Halloween highlights.

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