Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pittsfield MA and other reunions.

I had a fine late lunch/early dinner at the Hillview Grill in SRQ today. My choice was a spinach salad which was excellent.

Dining with me were Pittsfield and St. Stephen's Parish friends  Kay and Barbara Dohoney (year round in S.W.FL.) and Tom Dillon (part time here and part time Pittsfield).

What fun!


Bob and Virginia live in the neighbouring Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums. They are snow birds who spend their summers in West Virginia.

In other seasons I encounter them in our daily morning walks. Bob and Virginia (in their 80's?) walk for five miles each day.

I used to call them "Mr. and Mrs. Pickle Face"  for they always looked so stern and stiff.  Once we started chatting I discovered that they are delightful and charming folks (don't judge a book by its covers).

Given their age I often wonder if they will be back come Fall.  Well they are back and we rejoiced to see each other last Sunday morning.


Vince and Helen also live at the Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums.  They are an entirely handsome couple (probably in their 60's) who often walk hand-in-hand, and are always cheerful. 

They too are back after a summer in parts unknown and we had a nice reunion late this afternoon. Vince and Helen each  have a great virtue.  They like my dog.


Bert and Polly live five doors away.  They are a sweet, elderly, and frail couple who spend their summers with family members in Indiana.

I wonder every year if they will be fit enough to return for the winter.  So I was delighted to see them today.    Even better, their son David was with them.  He will return up north on Saturday, but we will exchange 'phone numbers before then, in case of need.

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