Sunday, 3 November 2013

Not marmalade - but "tasty leftovers a la waste not, want not"

So I had to use up some leftovers - which were:

Half a cup of cooked white rice

A cup or so  of cooked lentils

A few "formerly frozen" lima beans and pearl onions

Half a cup of vegetable stock

About a third of a pound of stewing beef, cut up into small pieces and browned in a skillet

Half a jar of hot salsa

Six or seven tablespoons full of curry sauce

All put into a big pot and simmered for a wee while.
It all made for a nice lunch today (with some toasted ciabatta bread)  and enough to spare for the next three days.
I have no name for it other than "tasty leftovers a la waste not -want not"
Thanks Mum for your good example.

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