Friday, 6 December 2013

Gluten free Quinoa based cupcakes with Greek Yoghurt.

We are subject to frequent and sometimes quite manic food fads in the USA.  It's probably true in the UK too.

It's all a bit of middle class frippery.

For a while,  in earlier days,  it was all about fondues (beware, they are making a comeback!). 
Then it was sun-dried tomatoes -  we could not eat any food without them (except ice-cream).

In recent day the crazes for food crazies have been legion:  Quinoa, Deep fried Turkey, Probiotics, Greek Yoghurt  (again in all manner of foods and candies -  so much so that I think that if a put a Greek Yoghurt label on my forehead I'd get a date!).

The latest are Sliders  ( a rip-off  -- they are chintzy mini-burgers), and Cup Cakes.  This middle class American world has gone wild for cup-cakes.  There are Cup Cake baking contests on T.V.  - utterly riveting drama of course!

I encountered another craze the other day.  Evidently there are all kind of mystical and magical properties in Himalayan Salt Blocks  see:

My good friends Ron and Charlotte took me to a  new Sarasota eatery "Bob's Boathouse".  (In truth its not entirely new, it closed down some ten years ago and just re-opened in  a different location).

Char and I (just for fun) chose to have our food  cooked on Himalayan Salt Bricks.

In fact we did the cooking.  The waiter brought us each a Salt Brick (heated to 400f) together with some thin slices of beef, onion and green pepper -  and cooking oil.  We then cooked the food on the Salt Brick at our table.

Trouble was that as soon as we cooked the first batch and started to eat it, we had to put the next batch on the brick before it got cold.  'Twas not much fun  -  and the waiter forgot our bread!  We ruled this fad to be a FAIL

 Ron was wise enough to have a Burger!

Salt Rock Block
Gluten free Quinoa based cupcakes with Greek Yoghurt?  Some one should make and market them.  There's a killing to be made out there (for two or three months - until the next fad.

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