Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Florida Bishop "gets me".

My Bishop ( a.k.a. "boss")  is and will be the Bishop of Massachusetts (whomever he or she may be) until the day I die

But in  retirement I am "on loan" so to speak  to the Bishop of South West Florida whose See includes Sarasota.

This local Bishop is The Rt. Revd.  Dabney T Smith. I like and respect him greatly.

Bishop Smith has heard me when I have gone off on a passionate speech (some would call it a rant!) about the gospel, or the church (or the price of cornflakes) etc.

He was at the parish where I hang my hat (St. Boniface, Siesta Key FL)  last Sunday.

I greeted him in the Sacristy just before the early service.

After some warm chit-chat Bishop Smith said with a smile on his face and a twinkle in his eyes: "Now Michael, if you disagree with anything I say in my sermon this morning SIT ON IT".

Of course he was teasing,  and I love it. He "gets me".

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