Tuesday, 10 December 2013

My dentist, and some humour.

My Sarasota Dentist is great. His name is Dr.Timothy Mercer. His affect is very low key. His skill is of the highest order.

In recent weeks two women have asked me for recommendations for local Dentists. In each case I encouraged them to contact Dr. Mercer.

One of these women is the one who has taken up habitation in  the Condo next to mine.

The owner of that Condo is very sick.  She has been in and out of various hospitals all this year.

The woman who is living there is a friend of the owner.  It's hard to tell whether or not her residence next door is one the up and up, or whether it has dubious elements.  That's not my concern. Family members of the owner know that she is there.

But this woman is (let's say) unfocused, strange, odd, or even flaky.

The other women is my dear Betty M  the octogenarian ex-Marine of whom I have written in previous blog entries.

Betty M is feisty, funny and fit. She shares my wicked sense of humour.

We meet almost every day when I walk Penne.


I saw Dr. Mercer today.  He thanked me for the referral.  My mind was on the woman next door so I exclaimed "oh, she is nuts".

As I drove home I began to think that perhaps Dr. M had seen my wonderful Betty M rather than the woman next door.

I called Betty M and she confirmed that she had accepted my referral and had seen Dr. M.

I told her about my confusion and that I had said "oh, she is nuts", thinking of course of the woman who is living next door, and not of her.

My dear Betty M saw the very funny side of this, and she could not stop laughing.  Now she cannot wait to tell this funny tale to her three children.


  1. Judge not, yet your dear friend be judged!

  2. Becasue I am not a robot, I think I just published that comment twice!