Saturday, 25 January 2014

Fellowship of Dog Walkers.

With the exception of a father or mother walking out with their new born infant or young child,  (or coming across Meryl Streep or Queen Elizabeth II and strolling around with her) the sure way of having conversations whilst peregrinating is to walk your dog, (or dogs).

Of course there are a few folks who studiously ignore you because they are lost in thought. Doubtless they are making plans for a human colony on Mars, or for world peace and happiness. (Do not be taken in. Some of them are thinking about Mars Bars or Whirled Peas).

Some others smile, but not at you.  They look at the dog and smile.  Dogs loved to be "smiled at", but not cats or goldfish. Those are well known facts.)

Then there are those who are desperately anxious to know the breed of your dog. This happened to me as I walked my Penne this afternoon.  I met a very pleasant woman who is in this neck of the urban sprawl to visit her sister.  She asked about Penne's heritage.  I confessed that I am  not sure but that the Sarasota County license  identified her as "terrier and retriever".

( You understand of course that the "her"  in the previous sentence refers to my dog, and not to the woman who was chatting with me.)

The woman was not content with the terrier/retriever description. She wanted to include German Shepherd as part of Penne's heritage.  Her sister demurred.

The last thing I wanted is for these sisters to fight.  So I settled it once and for all.  I said "if you truly want to know Penne's breed it is darling". They agreed.

That being said, the best fellowship is with those walkers who know and recognize Penne. She also knows and recognizes them and squeals with glee (her tail a-wagging like a helicopter rotor) as they draw near.

As for other dogs?  Penne is not very keen on fellowship with them.  In truth she disdains most of them. (I am not sure if she is scared of them, or if she is simply aloof,  in which case I will guess that she has an English aristocratic background),

But every now and then Penne gets all of a quiver when she meets other dogs.  She was positively crazy about a handsome male Shar Pei named Basil.  But Basil and his owner moved away, depriving Penne of her romantic interest.

Until now.  For two gorgeous male standard poodles have moved into the area (with their owner).  These handsome guys are named Louis and Vuitton.  This has been the cause  of  ecstasy for Penne. 

I kid you not.  Penne can scarcely contain herself when she comes across the smell of their pee.

And when Penne meets up with Louis and Vuitton as she did this afternoon -  well then she becomes happier than a thousand clams.  Penne goes nose to nose with Vuitton. She allows Louis to sniff her tail end. This indeed is sweet canine fellowship.

My dog likes strong and handsome males. I wonder where she got that from?

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