Thursday, 23 January 2014

What if Justin Bieber was black or hispanic?


My nephew Richard (in the U.K.)  was a bit shocked that the news of the Miami arrest of Justin Bieber was considered important enough to be part of a main B.B.C. "news" broadcast

I responded this way:
There is something dangerous in societies which promote youngsters such as Justin Bieber to "stardom", and there is something perverse when news outlets such as the BBC see fit to report on young Bieber's activities as if they were important.
I have some more comments.
Without condoning Bieber's excesses I feel so sad for him. He is caught up in an entertainment industry which is often evil, and which rarely respects true human dignity.
In this industry Bieber is nothing more than a product (to be marketed and then to be discarded).
It is also an industry which seduces teenagers such as Justin to believe that they are worthy of all manner of excesses, for example that this particular 19 year old should own a Lamborghini. That can go to a kid's head!

Bieber was charged with DUI, and with resisting arrest in Miami Beach Drag-Racing Incident.
( I am a bit confused as to why he was not also charged with underage drinking.)

He was released from jail after posting a  $2,500 bond.

LUCKILY ENOUGH  FOR  JUSTIN the scales of justice are unbalanced .

Those scales  favour  the rich and/or famous, and lead me to ask a question.

QUESTION: who in the world would believe that a nineteen year old Black or Latino kid in Miami, if charged with similar offences, would be bound over by such a small bond ($2.500), and then released?

ANSWER: only those who believe in the tooth fairy, and/or Santa Claus, and/or members and supporters of the Republican party.

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  1. Both the Lamborghini Justin Bieber was driving and the red Ferrari he was racing were on "free loan" to the singer and his friend by "Lou La Vie", a luxury car rental firm in Miami. So it seems you don't even need money "to go to your head" just fame or infamy!