Monday, 27 January 2014

Networking "A way of wonder or a way of life?"

My good neighbour Bert fell ill this morning.  His wife Polly of over 60 years has some major memory problems, and could not remember how to call emergency services.

Jeannie, their next door neighbour did so, and waited until the ambulance and EMT's arrived. 'Twas at that time I returned from walking with Penne and was able to do my bit.

Jeannie followed the ambulance so that Polly could be with Bert.  I made sure that the house was secured, and that there was food set out for Daisy, their cat.

Then I called Bert and Polly's son in Indiana.  When he was here last fall I made a point of getting his phone number for such a time as this. Today I was glad that I had his number and could call him.

David was grateful for my call.  He and his sister need to know when things are not well with Mum and Dad.

Neighbour Jeannie kept watch with Bert and Polly at the hospital  -  it was a long day for her, but Polly needed company. I was able to give Jeannie's mobile 'phone number to David - and he called it so that he could talk with his Dad.  Jeannie  tells me  that the call made Bert weep.

By the end of the day the medics had decided that Bert's temporary illness. was because his blood pressure had dropped precipitously.

Bert was discharged from the hospital and Jeannie (bless her faithful heart) brought them home (she had been in the hospital for about eight hours).

Once they were at home I checked in with Bert and Polly, mostly to see if they needed me to cook them some dinner.  Bert, quite chipper by now, assured my that he had a freezer full of frozen dinners, and he was quite able to zap one or two of them in the microwave.

In the meantime their daughter Janice is flying down from Indianapolis and should arrive later this evening.

Bert and Polly realize that they should probably move back *home to be close to their children.

Polly in her slight haze said "we are thinking of retiring". 

Bert said "we like it here but at ninety you have to accept that some things are inevitable". 

I countered "Bert, you know what is the right thing to do, and you will do it".

Networking?  Indeed so!  Jeannie and I doing our best to respond to our neighbours in need.

Networking?  Indeed so!   Let's be grateful for mobile 'phones which we used extensively today.

I am glad that I had David's 'phone # "for such a time as this".

A neighbour said "you and Jeannie are wonderful".  That is total B.S.  We were doing what neighbours are supposed to do in a time of crisis. It was a way of life,  not a way of wonder.

I was so happy to be able to network with Jeannie today,  for if neighbours cannot rise to these small occasions they should not be called neighbours

* Bert and Polly own a home in Indianapolis which they share with their son David and his wife,

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