Wednesday, 29 January 2014

State of the Union (blah) Super Bowl (blah)

In all the years in which I have lived in these United States (1976 - now) I have watched only one "State of the Union Address" in its entirety.

That was enough.  I quickly came to the conclusion that the State of the Union address - by the President du jour to the House and the Senate -  is  a bit of theatre, (badly scripted and dreadfully acted).

I also come to understand that in the great scheme of things the SOTUS ( as we now title it) is incredibly boring, and of no real consequence.

Indeed it has very little to do with the State of the Union (which one could think would be a thoughtful and truthful  description of the previous year).

Instead it has become a prospective "agenda setting" bit of bloviation  by the sitting President whether he be of the republican party or the democratic party.

It's all style with no substance.

But at least it provides less than gainful employment for the dreary "experts" (of the right and of the left), who pretend to give some intelligent and thoughtful analysis days before the speech is delivered, during the speech itself, and (ad nauseam) after the speech has been delivered.


It would be great if we returned to a wiser age which lasted  from Thomas Jefferson  - (President 1801-1809)  until William Taft - (President 1909 - 1913)  when the successive Presidents  gave written reports to Congress. (The first two Presidents, Washington and Adams, gave oral reports,  It was Jefferson who [with his usual perspicacity] presented verbal (written) reports, fearing as he did the emergence of an imperial presidency).

The Constitution states that the President should inform Congress of the State of the Union from time to time (not annually).

How cool it would be if future Presidents (of whatever stripe)  would disdain the task of being a Ringmaster (Ringmistress?)  at this annual bit of circus, and instead provide written reports to Congress from time to time when it was important so to do.


Sorry to disappoint you.  The "Super Bowl" bit will have to wait until tomorrow ( and it will not be pretty!)

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  1. I never miss the State of the Union address. It helps me get a pulse on the current administration. I know it is a ritual of American civil religion, but these rituals have their place in our common life. As to the Super Bowl have at it.