Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A grim American future - thanks to Republican Party intransigence and stupidity,


1. When the last aquifer is utterly polluted by the water which has been used for fracking.

2.  Every last stream/river is covered with algae and is therefore dead on account of the un-regulated use of phosphate based fertilizers,

3. The oceans are all but dead as a result of  never-ending human-caused  acidification.

4. When as a result of   1-3 above there are severe food shortages, and a death inducing lack of potable water......

........ THAT WILL BE the day when hare-brained American Republicans will once again enter their "fantasy cocoon" and declare that:
1. There is no crisis.
2. There is no crisis, but it's all the fault of the Democratic Party.

3. There is no crisis, but if only former President Barack Obama had introduced legislation to protect the environment we would have voted for it.

4. Despite all this there is no global warming.

5. We never liked sea-food.

6.  Champagne is much better than water.

7. There is no crisis. There is no global warming.  It's all in the head of those left-leaning socialistic democrats.

8.  Don't worry - be happy.  Jeeezus is coming again soon.

9.  Until Jeezus returns we'll watch Fox News.

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