Sunday, 23 February 2014

Randi re-connection.

Some of you will remember that I have been fretting about Randi, the wonderful Swedish woman who I've encountered many times on our walks in the neighbourhood.

I fretted because I had not seen Randi in over a year.  I worried because I know that she has a "dickey heart". I wondered if she had died.

But I could do no more than fret because I did not know her last name, and I did not know her unit number in the adjoining "Glen Oaks Garden Condominiums"  where she lives.

(Glen Oaks Gardens consists of four separate three floor  buildings, each with about 48 units.  I could hardly have rung about 192 door bells to find Randi's unit!)

But  .... lo and behold...  Randi and I encountered each other as we walked at about 4:45 p.m.  We had a lovely reunion and hug-fest.

I told her about my impending (May/June) cruise from England to Norway, and she asserted that Norway is much more beautiful than her native Sweden).

Best of all, I now know her last name, and her unit number.  We agreed that we would get together for coffee and cake within the next two weeks.

I am so happy to know that she is still alive.

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