Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Visitors from "up nawth". Reunions, meals, and story telling.

In early February my good friend (and former secretary at St. James's Church, Cambridge, MA) Judy Beers came to SRQ to visit her friends Ron and Char. Judy came to St. Boniface Church with me on February 2nd (I was the preacher).  After Eucharist we toddled back to Ron and Char's home for a super lunch and great conversation.

On Thursday 20th February I drove from SRQ down to Punta Gorda where I had dinner with Joe and Deanne (and their children Faith and Ben) who were on holiday on Marco Island. (Punta Gorda is a half-way point between SRQ and Marco).  I have known Joe since 1980, and Dee from the time that she and Joe were dating.  'Twas a great dinner and a splendid reunion.

Yesterday (24th February 2014) I drove from SRQ to Brandon, FL (a one hour drive) there to have lunch with Tom and Susan Harris who also had a one hour drive from "Disney" to Brandon. Tom and Susan are long term members of St. James's, Cambridge MA.  They have been faithful to that parish through thick and thin  ( since  long before North Cambridge, Porter Square, and South Somerville were "gentrified"  - back in the days when north Cambridge was a bastion of the working classes and the famous local resident Tip O'Neil was a beloved Congressman and a terrific Speaker of the House of Representatives). The Harris's took a break from their vacation at Disney so that we could get together.

It's great to be in an area to which people come for vacations. (In other words, I am glad that I retired to Florida rather than to (e.g.) North Dakota).

I never cease to enjoy these reunions with friends from many places, and from many times is my life.

Sharing in a meal is the most fundamental and important human activity -  in all cultures, in many places, and in all the ages.

As we relax and enjoy those shared meals we tell stories: some about our common experiences, others about our lives apart from each other. This story telling is as important as the meal.

Shared eating feeds our bodies. Shared story-telling enriches our souls.

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