Monday, 31 March 2014

Cousin Kippy asked "So what's the 411 on the CPAP?"

It took me a moment to figure out the "411".  I have never before seen it in this context. American friends will know what it means. 

But first, following yesterday's post titled "I should get out more often" I report that I have received and accepted an invitation for dinner on April 2nd.

Boy, all at once I am so very popular. (But I know that "they" are after my money).

 "So what's the 411 on the CPAP?"

I have used the machine for three nights, with mixed results.

On the positive side the machine is all but silent, and I can sleep pretty well whilst using it.

BUT there are wee problems. 

One is that the soft plastic nostril piece sometimes gets detached from the air hose, meaning that I have to get up and turn on the lights to re-attach it.

Another is that the nostril piece can sometimes block my nasal breathing, so that I cannot breathe in and out via my snozzle, and have to breathe through my mouth - (this defeats the purpose of the CPAP machine and leads to brief apneas).
The truth is that I have not observed any improvement in my quality of sleep, thus I am still tired during the daytime, and still need to take long naps.
Never fear -  for  the techie from the local supplier of CPAP machines will stop by in the morning, and see if a mask which covers both nose and mouth will be more helpful. (That may be the case since I am normally a mouth breather).
And I will persist since (a) I am damn "tired of being tired",  and (b) untreated sleep apnea increases the chances of  a heart attack.
So, dear Cousin Kippy, "that's the 411 on the CPAP".

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