Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Fox News again ... Oh no.

He walked slowly across the Executive Course of the Bobby Jones Golf course here in SRQ last Monday.
No shame.
No fear.
I saw him again this morning just before sunrise, as I walked through a wooded area.  His spooky eyes glowed yellow as I sought him out with my flashlight.  Penne  "chomped at the bit"  (if such a thing is possible for a dog).
I held back with caution.  He disappeared into the semi darkness.
He  (or maybe she) is a lone and very skinny fox, copper coloured just like Penne.
I think that he/she is more wary of humans than we of her/him, but I do not want Penne to begin a chase.
This lone fox has been in our neighborhood from time to time in recent years.  I once saw him canter by my Lanai in broad daylight  -  it was a beautiful sight.
But I am cautious for my sake, and for Penne's.  There is always the danger that she/he could be rabid.
And that's all from Fox News for tonight.

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