Friday, 4 April 2014

Who is that masked man?

So, the CPAP nasal system  (pillow)  was not helpful.  The wee "buds" did not match my nostrils -  indeed they sometimes fell out or separated from the hose which linked them to the CPAP machine.

Thus on Tuesday the respiratory expert from Lincare (a private business which has a Governmental contract) brought me a mask which covers my nose and my mouth.
I have used it for three nights.  It is very comfortable.  It allows me to breath through my nose and my mouth.
Is it "dealing with" my sleep apnea?  I will not know this until I figure out how to download the readings from the CPAP machine.
a) I can sleep very comfortably for eight or so hours whilst wearing the mask, and yet
b) I am as tired the next day as I was before "going  CPAP"
I will persist for a few more days (maybe a week) to ascertain whether using a CPAP machine will be as efficacious as I hope.
Here are some "selfies".  (but also see P.S.  below)
The overnight mask as she is worn.
The connection between the mask and the CPAP machine.  Fortunately the hose can be easily disconnected from the mask when I need to pee during the night, thus, in those isntances  I do not have to remove the entire mask.
The CPAP machine.  It blows moistened air into my nose and mouth.  I can change the temperature of the air to match it with the outside air.   When I get clever I will be able to view the night's readings using a card in the machine which I can download to my computer.
P.S. Last night  (Friday 4th)  was not good.  I must have fitted the mask too tightly.  It was getting all damp and clammy and I suppose that I was breathing in some of the carbon dioxide I had just inhaled.   I began to gasp for air.  I loosened the straps, but then was so restless and "ancy"  that I took the mask off at about 12:30 a.m.

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