Friday, 13 June 2014

Back to normal - Penne, NPR, Sermon - this and that.

Someone asked how Penne reacted when I met her at Ron and Charlotte's home (her holiday camp when I was away).  To put in bluntly -  she went stark raving mad with joy.
When we returned home she began to sing just as soon as we entered the driveway.  Then she whooped and hollered all around the house, sniffing the cats and flinging her toys every which way.
She will have a shock to her system quite soon.  I am taking a 48 hour break to attend a wedding in Lynchburg VA.  That's just before R and C take their trip to Normandy, so I have hired a pet sitter who advertised on the web.  She and Penne will have a "let's get to know each other" session on Saturday 14th.
By the by, when Penne was with R and C she was on an anti-histamine med.  Rather than placing the pill at the back of Penne's mouth, C decided to bury it in a scrambled egg.  That whetted Penne's appetite, so now I scramble an egg each  morning and evening and mix it in with Penne's food.
Just as soon as I crack the egg Penne comes rushing to the kitchen.  She likes it!
On  the Diane Rehm show (NPR) this morning a pundit said that she did not have a magic ball. She meant either a magic wand or a crystal ball, but I suspect that she thinks the words are "magic ball".
My sermon for Sunday (two services)  is written, but not completed.  I will fret over it until about 7:00 a.m. on Sunday at which time it will be too late to make it better.  That's O.K.  the congregations will have forgotten it by Sunday lunch time.
I have edited and labelled about 80% of my UK/Norway pics.  With any luck I'll upload them to Flikr by Monday.  Then you will have the chance to be bored.
My Penne
Purdy. She belongs to my niece Laura.  Purdy was a more than acceptable "Penne substitute" when I was in England.

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