Saturday, 14 June 2014

RIP The Revd. Dr. Ellen Bradshaw Aitken (and some less important stuff)

Many of we Episcopal Priests and other Ministers heard today of he untimely death (as a result of a very aggressive form of cancer) of the Revd. Dr. Ellen Bradshaw Aitken.

Ellen was a superb theologian who taught at Harvard Divinity School,  and more recently  in the Department of Religion at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec.

I first met Ellen back in the days when we both served in the Episcopal Church Diocese of Western Massachusetts. She played an important role in my appreciation of the ordained ministry.

When I went to St. Stephen's in Pittsfield, MA to be their Rector I was mildly opposed to the ordination of women to the priesthood.  (Oh for goodness sake don't ask me why -  I was simply a slow learner!).

My dear and beloved colleague (and now firm friend) was the Deacon at St. Stephen's. We stood together at the Altar Sunday by Sunday and enjoyed our shared ministry.  One day I asked myself  "would it make any difference if Gwen were a priest?"  My answer was a resounding NO. But I needed to affirm that change of heart and mind with action.

Thus it was that no long afterwards I took myself to St. Paul's Church in Holyoke MA where Ellen Aitken was to be ordained Priest.  I shared with other Presbyters in the laying on of hands for Ellen and the roof did not fall in!

Later I was able to tell Ellen the story, and rejoice with her that she enabled that sacramental moment which was vital to my ministerial growth.

May the saints and angels rejoice with Ellen in Paradise.



Linda, the temporary dog sitter for Penne,  came to my home today for a get acquainted session .  Of course Penne uttered her "big dog" bark when Linda came to the door, but that was to be expected.

Linda and I sat down to talk business.  After a minute or two Penne left her bed, and moseyed over to Linda for some TLC (ignoring me completely!).

Phew and wow.  Penne will be in good hands in the fewer than 48 hours when I will be away next weekend.

(And of course my super friendly cats edged their ways into Linda's affection).



"Itchy nose, scratchy throat, weepy sinuses, lots of sneezes, runny eyes" all this has been my lot whenever I have been in my bedroom (but nowhere else in my home).

That's frequently - 'cause my computer is in the bedroom.

"Enough of this" I said, and took myself to Target to buy an air-purifier. 

I have been pretty darn skeptical about those machines, but "by golly" the one I have is doing the trick.  It probably picks up pet dander and tiny bits of fluff from my ancient carpet, bout whatever is the case I am glad to be in my bedroom without the snuffles and sneezes.

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