Thursday, 12 June 2014

Peregrinations 5

Final re-posting of my Facebook entries from my holiday

 2 June Back in Bristol

'Tis family week. Yesterday my brother Andrew met me at the Port of Bristol, so I was able to spend a good afternoon with him and his wife Izzy. My nephew Daniel Povey was also there with his fiancée.  
Today I will have lunch with my friend for 65 years Jeff, his wife Mary, and our mutual friends Colin and Lorraine (I've known them for 50 years).
Tonight I will have dinner with my youngest sister Ruth and her family.
 Tuesday will see me take the train to Birmingham (U.K.) to have lunch with my twin Elizabeth,
and on Wednesday I will have dinner with my brother Steve and his family. Oh the great joy of visiting with these friends and sibs. I am one of nine children and by the end of this vacation I will have seen all  of them. Cheerio!


Yesterday, Monday 2nd June, I had a lovely evening with my youngest sister Ruth and her family members. We ate Chinese takeout and enjoyed each other. "We" included Ruth, her daughter Leah and Leah's six year old daughter Bree, Ruth's partner Dennis, and their daughter Beth. It was a lovely time. I had previously met daughter/grand-daughter Bree when she was but one year old. Yesterday the six year old Bree and I enjoyed being silly and giggling together. I will do my very best to see her/then again before I return home.


 Today 3rd June  I took a speedy little train from Bristol to Birmingham. ( 80 miles in 80 minutes - and no traffic jams!) It was a lovely ride through the pastoral counties of Glos. and Worcs. This is mostly arable farm land, but I glimpsed a few flocks of sheep, some cows at pasture, and a proud mother horse with her foal. At one point I glimpsed the sturdy tower of Gloucester Cathedral. I also enjoyed wild lupins, foxgloves and Queen Anne's Lace growing alongside the rail tracks. Great Britain is an overcrowded island, yet there is an abundance of farm land, fells, woodlands, and sheep strewn hills.


 In Brum (Birmingham) I took a cab from the historic New St Station to Sutton Coldfield in order get together with my twin sister (for the first time since 2002). She cooked a good salmon and pasta casserole which we ate together as we shared common memories and rejoiced in the gift of our twin-ship

4 June

AND THEN THERE WERE EIGHT I came to England with the express hope that I would be able to spend time with each of my eight siblings. Because of the constraints of time and distance some of us have not been able to get together since 2002 (at our mother's funeral).


 Today there was a completion of these  visits with my sibs. . I took a bus to the City of Bath. My younger brother David drove there from Warminster, Wilts. We were able to break bread together over a lovely restaurant lunch, together with gracious and loving conversation.

 'Twas back on the 'bus to Bristol to spend evening time with another brother (Steve). We had been together on May 22nd for a birthday celebration for Sam, one of our nephews. But tonight was the night for the blessing of being with Steve and his wife Angela, with their children Lee and Nicola (my nephew and niece) and with their children Reese, Ebony, Thea, Luna and Ryan whose great Uncle I am. Oh such fun, oh so many memory builders.


 These family gatherings have been so precious. We nine sibs are each in excellent health. Nevertheless I am deeply aware of the shortness and uncertainty of human life. Our ages range from 77 to 58, thus my hope (now realised) to see each one has been prayerfully intentional.

6 June

Thank you for coming along on my holiday. I will have two more days in England, time enough for a second round of family visits.

 June 6th

Last evening " The Norway Cruisers" met for a "reunion dinner" at a country pub near Bristol.
 This afternoon I will be with my sister Ruth again, and will enjoy the bright company of my six year old great niece Bree.
This evening Martyn and Wendy will host a part for various and sundry Poveys and "Povey Wannebees".
Tomorrow morning I will have time with my first cousin Janet and her partner Steve.
 Then tomorrow afternoon all manner of Povey related kin will gather at the home of my sister Jean and her husband John. Some of the crowd will include nieces and nephews of mine ( i.e.  they are first cousins to each other) who have never before met (we are a spread-out family).


 Then on Sunday LHR-BOS-ATL-SRQ

 Hurrahs and Huzzahs abound!

8 June Morning

Nephew Nick drove me from Bristol to LHR Delta Flight from LHR arrived in BOS one hour early. Now hanging out at Delta Sky Club in BOS (oh the privilege [well paid for] of Business Class travel). Next leg is BOS - ATL, then ATL - SRQ. Should be at be at home 9:00 p.m.. (US Eastern Time) which is 2:00 a.m. British Summer time - that is 20 hours travel time in all.   BUT early on Monday morning I will get my dog Penne from her Uncle Ron and Aunt Charlotte - then all the travel time will seem so short


 8th June early evening

Now at ATL One more flight at 6:55 US EASTERN time, Should be in SRQ by 8:30, Home byh 9:00? Penne at crack of dawn on Monday.


 I am so tired, but not yet wiped out

8 June  9:00 p.m.  near Sarasota, FL Phew! Arrived at SRQ early. Friend Bill Byers met me. Now at home, with a full and grateful heart and mind. Bed in 2 minutes! (My cats greeted me with enthusiasm - no sulky felines in this house! Night Night

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