Saturday, 16 August 2014

Constant sleepiness: Sleep apnea or pre-diabetes?

"So"  (as many people begin their sentences) "you may recall that I have an on-going problem with sleepiness". 

I often sleep at night  for up to eight hours without interruption.  Despite this good sleep, I am always sleepy throughout the day.  When, during the day,  I rest and relax in my comfortable arm chair I fall asleep at the drop of hat, and then fall into a deep sleep for an hour or more.

Earlier this year I spent two nights at a "sleep clinic" - hooked up as I was to all manner of monitors. The tests revealed that I have a very low level of sleep apnea.

The sleep clinic Doctor (whose bedside manner left much to be desired) recommended a CPAP machine.

I use it faithfully. Its' monitor records a low level of apnea (which most likely would be higher without the use of the machine).

Notwithstanding this, I continue to be sleepy throughout each day.

Upon hearing this, my very excellent Primary Care Physician ordered a major  blood test.

She also gave me a home-use kit by which I can measure my blood glucose levels three times each day.

The major blood test revealed that I am in good shape at just about every level  (e.g. sodium, triglycerides, good and bad cholesterol, potassium, calcium, albumin etc.)  (What a blessing!)

But my glucose levels are a bit high  - indicating "pre-diabetes". 

(My physician also ordered me to take six  daily self-administered  blood tests before and after meals.  These indicate slightly  higher levels of glucose throughout the day: - not enough to indicate diabetes, but certainly suggesting pre-diabetes).

So it seems that I have a bit of pre-diabetes, enough to engender frequent sleepiness.

With that in mind I will see my P.C.P. as soon as is possible, so that she can suggest some changes in my diet which might reduce my slightly elevated blood glucose, and free me from constant drowsiness.

I hope so!    "s..n..o..r...e"

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