Sleeping in Church/Super Moon/Smashing Cheese

Sleeping in Church/Super Moon/Smashing Cheese

Sleeping in Church

I visited another parish this morning -  not my regular home, but a place where I like and care for many of the people.

But, "oh dear"  I twice drifted off to sleep during the sermon. 

This had little to so with the sermon. It has to so with my continuing problem of intense sleepiness throughout the day.

A couple of  my Doctors think that this sleepiness is rooted in sleep-apnea.  I am not so sure.  I use the CPAP machine on a regular basis.  Its programme records very low levels of apnea.

So I will be back to my Primary Care Physician soon (after submitting blood for testing) - then she and I will try to figure out why I frequently  fall asleep at the drop of a hat (and mostly when no hat is in sight).

Super Moon

The internet (at least in North America) is filled with the "news"  that we should expect another "super-moon" tonight. 

I am certain that tomorrow my Facebook page will be filled with photo's of the big and gorgeous moon. 

My response is BLEAH.  

Many damn fools with internet access and a decent camera will post pictures of the super-moon as if they alone knew about it.

Excuse my cynicism, but I will not have the slightest interest in these photo's. I want to see it for myself.

Thus, I'll be happy to take my own gander at this moon if our Floridian clouds allow, but I also wish that I could have a sense of awe and wonder not because "the internet told me so", but because I encountered it all by myself.

Smashing Cheese
I confess that I wanted to alliterate, hence my use of the British/English word Smashing  rather than repeating the word Super.  That being said, here is another confession. 

The very expensive Springbrook Farms Reading VT made cheese which I bought a few days ago at Whole Foods is so utterly good.  It is a worthy substitute  for the now unavailable but gorgeous French "Morbier", but it is very expensive.

My confession is that I bought some more today.

I bought just under half a pound @ $15.99 per pound. Damn, that is  expensive!

But this "Vermont made unpasteurized cows milk cheese"  is  so utterly delicious that I abandoned all thoughts of frugality, and splurged without shame.

I will try to use it on special occasions rather than eating it as a "snack cheese".  (Fat chance!).

If my American cheese loving  friends find that their taste buds are being teased (and they should be) I can tell you no more than that this cheese is available at Whole Foods with no special name -  it is  marketed by Whole Foods under the label "Springbrook Farms Reading".

I hope that my splurge will bring some benefit to the hard-working Dairy farmers of Vermont.


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