Wednesday, 10 September 2014

To make us smile

One of my  Facebook friends posted this.


The Phoenix, Arizona area had unusually heavy rains this week as a result of Hurricane Norbert.  I wrote my friend Joyce V-T and expressed my concerns for her safety.
Here is her delightful reply:
"Fabulous weather, thunder, lightning, pouring rain.  I live near the washes so I am flooded in, how great is that!!  Took Curly  (her dog) out for a walk w/my umbrella.  I enjoyed it more than he.  The highlight of my morning is my next door neighbor’s 2 yr old dtr Olivia, outside w/her Mommy dancing in the puddles and getting soaked and loving every minute.  The joy of a child and the delight at just being alive set the tone for my day.  Hope yours is as joy-filled"

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