Friday, 12 September 2014

Words on Facebook which should be banned or used sparingly.

1,  EPIC.  No, your marriage proposal may have been unusual but it was not epic. ( "Epic" should be reserved for events such as the 19th C races to the north and south poles, or Hilary and Tensing's ascent to the peak of Everest in the 1950's. etc. )

2, ICONIC. Please use this word judiciously and sparingly. An icon (in historic and traditional use) is a piece of religious art which has been written into being, and which points through itself to a great and profound spiritual truth.

The "writer"  (artist) always longs and prays that her/his "art" will be a window to the sublime and eternal.

American Football/ European Soccer/Athletic/ and Sporting events (etc.) may well be exciting or  fascinating.  Advertisements and/or buildings may have their charm.

But none of these are "iconic" unless the sports women/ men, or the ad. agency, or the architect and builders had a  prayerful intention - one which is designed to point their skill or expertise to a truth which is greater than their personal accomplishments/s.

3, HILAIRIOUS.  Please do not tell me that the Video you just posted is "Hilarious".  I'll be the judge of that.

4, CUTE.  This is a silly word which has lost any meaning.  Please stop using it, together with the de-valued and meaningless word ADORABLE.

5, AWESOME.  Your children are fine. Their drawings and paintings are often very lovely.  Their academic or athletic accomplishments are worthy of praise.  But neither your children nor their skills are awesome.  They are worthy of gracious praise which should be lovingly and critically  bestowed.

But your beloved kids and their accomplishments are not yet awesome.  That appellation should be postponed for a generation or two.

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