An Austin Car I have known.

My post (yesterday) regarding my dream about an Austin "Westminster" car, reminded me of an encounter I had with another Austin -  back in 1986.
I was in England visiting with my family.  My American friend Joe R, who was studying at the University of Kent in Canterbury, came up to Bristol to see me, my brother Martyn, and Martyn's  wife Wendy.
Martyn arranged a car rental via a local "Rent-a-Wreck" company,  so that Joe and I could drive up to Burnley in Lancashire, there to visit with my brother Andy, his (then) wife Barbara, and their two lads Dan and Michael.
The car I had rented broke down on the M5 motorway, somewhere near Worcester.  I seem to remember that we managed to get a tow into Worcester, there to await a rescue/replacement car from the Bristol based  "Rent-a-Wreck" firm.
It was a cold, gray and foggy day.   We passed our time by visiting the Cathedral, and then hanging out at a pub.
The rescue car never arrived.  Guess what?  It too had broken down on the Motorway!
After a long, long wait  (in those days before mobile 'phones), the second rescue car eventually arrived. 
It was an Austin Princess limousine, with the interior all decked out as a wedding car. By then it was much too late to go to Burnley, so Joe and I were driven back to Bristol in Austin Princess wedding car  style
1962 Austin Princess.
Once back in Bristol I needed to call Andy to explain what had happened. 
Martyn gave me the "speed dial" number to call Andy.  I hit it.
When he answered I began by saying  "I'll never again rent from that company".
As it happened I had  hit the "last call" number by mistake
Yes indeed, the last call that Martyn had made was to the "Rent-a-Wreck" firm.  So, I was telling "Rent-a-Wreck" that I'd never again rent from them!.   Thank goodness - the owner was amused!
My good friend Joe is now 49 years old, and married to Deanne.  They have two children. He too remembers our unplanned day in a cold and foggy Worcester, and our ride home in the Austin Car I have known -  the Austin Princess.


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