Saturday, 1 November 2014

Starlings (Murmurations) and Crows ( Cawcophany ?)

When many starlings gather together to decorate our skies, it is known as a "murmuration".
I have seen such murmurations every now and then  in the skies above Sarasota FL. 
They are gorgeous  to behold.
The noisy crows form similar flocks.  I have seen such flocks three times in the past week.
This photo' is not mine. It is from Google images

Crows do not create a "murmuration". That word is reserved for swallows.

So I have created my own collective noun for the flocks of crows. 

I call them  "a cawcophony of crows".

(Doubtless some other "wise guy/girl" created this collective long before I).


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