Thursday, 30 October 2014

Oh those Victorians.

Oh those Victorians certainly knew how to make grand buildings.  This is the interior of a London  sewage pumping station, circa 1865. 
How wonderful that our forebears would create such beauty, in a building designed to pump crud!
You can read about this in the link (below)........ BUT
(1) Fascinating isn't it, that the Archbishops of Canterbury and York were present for the opening ceremonies.  That says something (negative or positive!)  about the role of the  C of E in the mid 19th Century.
(2)  When I was a child my parents would talk about taking me and my twin to visit an Aunt in London. They always made reference to "Belvedere".  The Crossness Pumping Station was on Belvedere Road.  Was this where the Aunt lived?
I cannot remember if the aunt in question was "Aunt Lily Tubby", or "Aunt Lily Clarke".  In fact I know next to nothing about these two women -  except that they were related to my Mum or Dad in one way or another.  Were they part of  my paternal Povey clan, or of my maternal Finch clan?
My first cousin,  Chris Finch, is the only family member who has researched the Finch side of my family -  Mum's birth name was Evelyn Maud Finch.
APART FROM ALL THAT, the Victorian interior of the pumping station is utterly gorgeous.

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