Saturday, 13 December 2014

(1) Retired/Un-retired/Retired again/Un-retired again. (2) OR to amuse Kim Hardy. (3) OR "My week"

(1) I retired in 2006.  'Twas one of the best decisions of my life.

In 2007 I un-retired, and began to share in ministries at St. David's, Englewood FL; All Angels by the Sea on Longboat Key, FL; and St Boniface on Siesta Key FL.

In 2011 I retired again, feeling weary and dispirited, and ready to kick it all in.

I recovered (!), un-retired,  and came back to engage in some shared ministries at St. Boniface in October 2012.

(2) Kim Hardy should be amused by this, 'cause back in 2011 she wondered how long it would be before I was "back in the saddle".

(3)  My week:  back in the saddle I am!

WEDNESDAY 10th    Prayer Service at Resurrection House, Sarasota's day shelter for homeless people.

THURSDAY 11th  Presided and preached at the St. Boniface Thursday morning Eucharist.

FRIDAY 12th  Visited and prayed with Edythe T at a Nursing Home in South Venice, FL (15 miles away)

SATURDAY 13th  Visited and prayed with Bob H and his partner Frank P at the Blake Hospital in Bradenton  (14 miles away, but always a 40 minute drive due to ever congested roads, and a million and one traffic lights en route). 

You will remember that Bob H is the man who suffered grave head injuries in an industrial accident three week ago.  He was not expected to recover, but he is making a "miraculous" recovery.  He even grinned at one of my corny jokes today. 

Today I was able to pray with him, with Frank, and with Billie Hicks.  She is an old friend of Bob and Frank and she happened to be visiting with them today.

On Tuesday Bob, (who served in the military), will move to the Veteran's Administration Hospital in Tampa, FL for intensive therapy.  That'll be too far away for regular visits, but I will stay in touch with him, and with Frank, by 'phone/

TOMORROW (Sunday 14th)  I'll share communion with Carl,  a St. Boniface Parishioner, Choir member, and Junior Warden in the assisted living community where he lives, in Lakewood Ranch FL. There will be an added bonus - 'cause I'll stay for lunch with Carl.


None of this is because I am a nice person (which I am every now and then, but not always!).

It's for two reasons:

a)  Because my ordination as a Minister in the Christian Church demands that I engage in ministry all the days of my life.

b)  For selfish reasons:  I am a more contented and relaxed person when I "get out from under my feet", and try to do a bit each day for the love of God.

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