Friday, 12 December 2014

Sunrise, Rice Pudding, and the dog.

On my second walk with Penne this morning I noticed and enjoyed the glorious sunrise, with the fabulous rippled clouds.
I did not have my camera with me.  But my Facebook and Church friend  Susan R enjoyed the same sunrise -  and this is her picture.
Susan R lives in the Gulf Gate SRQ area.
Later today (probably because it's been chilly in SRQ)  I decided to make a rice pudding -  (comfort food). I had memories of the wondrous rice puds my mother used to make.
 In those days, before milk was homogenized, the cream of the milk would rise to the surface, and then be baked into a tasty crust. I also remember that she grated some nutmeg into the pudding.
I could not find un-homogenized milk (more's the pity) so I used heavy whipping cream instead.  I also used "pre-ground" nutmeg.  Here's my rice pud.  I have eaten a few spoonfuls and it is good  -   but not as good as Mum used to make.

In the meantime my blessed and glorious dog Penne decided to take a gander at what I was concocting in the kitchen.
\Gosh and be-golly  She is a lovely beast

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