Thursday, 11 December 2014

Cats and politics

My cats have been fighting all day.  Fur has been flying. 
Adelaide (l) has been the teaser. Ada (r) has been the aggressor.
At the end of the day, weary of their fights, they share a pillow on my dining room table.
Lord above we are in a mess.  Our Representatives, Senators, and President are sending us down the river with a ghastly Finance bill which panders to the oligarchical "special interests" at the expense of "We The People".
I did not expect anything better from the Republican Representatives and Senators.
I have come to understand that the Democratic Senators and Representatives are no more than "Republicans with a smile".
And President Obama, instead of being the Great Reconciler has become the Great Compromiser.
What has this to do with cats?
Not a thing.  But most of my Blog and Facebook followers seem to be more interested in "cute" (damn how I hate that word) dogs and cats than in the perilous state of my beloved Nations: -  The U.K. where I was born and raised, and the U.S.A.  in which I make my home and hold my citizenship.

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