Friday, 30 January 2015

Loose ends from my prior posts about my neighbour, and my dog.

This morning I  drove to the Nursing Home in South Venice (FL)  to collect the personal belongings of my late neighbour Edythe, and to bring them back to her home. I did this as a favour for her three brothers who live in Detroit and who are unable to take care of such matters at short notice.

I felt a bit sad.  For, despite our chequered history, I grew to be a bit fond of Edythe as I visited her,  in what proved to be the last nine months of her life.

On the other hand I am happy that I no longer have to take those weekly jaunts down Interstate 75 from Sarasota to Venice.


Penne and my bed.

I have been working on whatever has been spooking Penne, and making her to be unusually reluctant to be on my bed when I work on my computer.  I "love" having her in my room.

Yesterday  morning (29th January) I decided to trick her,  by placing her early morning treats onto the bed.  But I left them too close to the edge.  She took them, and retreated to her own bed.

I got smart, so this morning (30th January)  I placed the treats in the middle of the bed.  Penne leaped up onto the bed, and there she stayed!

Penne's treats are no more than two small pieces of kibble. I give them to her first thing in the morning, and also when we have gotten home after our walks.

Today, after our walks, I have held the kibble-bits in my hand, and then taken them to my room and placed them on my bed.

Whatever Penne's "fears" are regarding my room, they are trumped by her desire for a treat.  So she has followed my lead, jumped on to the bed, eaten the treats, and stayed on the bed.

She'd been there this evening for more than two hours, following our final walk of the day.

Daft as it may seem, it makes me so happy when Penne rests on my bed as I do my computer stuff.

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