Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Canis non grata?

My dog Penne is the finest dog in the world  (except for yours).

It has long been our pleasure that when I have been working on my computer  (in my bedroom), Penne would hop up onto my bed.  She would stay there until she heard the computer "dings" which indicate that I have logged off.

That was until last Saturday (25th January 2015) when for some reason or other she would not come into the room, let alone get on the bed.

I managed to get her to enter the room, but when I patted the bed and said "Penne, get on to Papa's bed" she slunk off and hid behind a chair.

I patted her all over to see if I could find a lump or something which would explain a possible illness.  There was no such thing.

I wondered if she was getting arthritic, but she has jumped into the back seat of my car with ease when I have taken her for a ride (her favourite activity).

On Monday I lifted her and placed her on the bed, all the while "sweet-talking" her, and telling her that I wanted her to be there.

She stayed on the bed, but  she turned her back to me, and hopped off the bed the moment I left the room.

Today I tried to lift her again, but she ran away.  

Later today, after one of our walks, I took her into the room with her leash on..  At my bidding she jumped up onto the bed  --- but just as soon as I removed her leash -  she hopped off.

She is eating well.  She is walking well.  She is pooping well.  She greets me with enthusiasm when I return to my home after any absence.

Nothing has changed in my bedroom.  I even checked under the bed to see if perchance there was a monster there  (or a dead mouse or rat).

But she still  refuses to enter my bedroom, let alone to rest on my bed, with one beady eye on me as I work on the computer, which has been our pleasure for six or seven years.

She has decided that she is "Canis non grata" in my bedroom.

The ways of our dogs are beyond our  understanding.

And they "know" that human ways are also mysterious and inscrutable.

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