Friday, 27 February 2015

Down "The Tramways", my odd dreams, and fifty shades of a blushing face,

At the heart of my native city Bristol, right next to the old in-town docks, is an area which folks such as my parents and grand parents would often call "The Tramways". They would say "I am going down "The Tramways".
They called it thus because it was the centre for the pre-WWII trams in Bristol.
My generation referred to this part of Bristol by the much less evocative name as "The Centre",  all the trams having been destroyed/removed during and after World War II

The Centre as I remember it from my youthful days.

I was down the Tramways in one of my ODD DREAMS  last night
In that dream I was there with  my g/f  of the mid 1970's (A. B.) She told me that she would not marry me as she had become engaged to marry another man.  This dream made me wistfully sad, even as I knew that I would have been a horrible husband!
Next I was in a Church building, and  I was seated in a left-hand aisle facing the Attar.  I  noticed my dear Mum in a right-hand aisle.  Her presence reminded me that I had given birth to a child a month previously .  I asked a Church usher to bring my baby from the Church nursery so that she/he could meet Mum.
Of  course my Mum is dead, and men do not give birth,
There are mysterious psychological  elements to this dream.
NEXT I DREAMED  that I had an ancestor who was a Minister in a Derbyshire (U.K.) village during the Great Plague.  He was faithful and took care of his flock during the plague, only to be killed by a runaway horse when the plague had abated.
Following all those wild dreams I had fifty shades of a blushing face on Thursday morning.  Lisa W, one of the fine staff members at St. Boniface Church called me yesterday morning at 10:30 to ask if I was ill.
Why would she make such a call?  You see, I had utterly forgotten to show up at the Church that morning where I was slated to preside and preach at the 10:00 a.m. Eucharist.  My forgetfulness made me blush, and blush again!
Lisa was so sweet.  Her first concern was my health -  she was clear that she did not want me to feel embarrassed at being a no-show.


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