What Jesus did not say

Extracted from the blog "Seven Whole Days" by the Revd. Scott Gunn, a Priest in the Episcopal Church who heads up the "Forward Movement" in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Follow me, whenever you get done with more pressing matters.

If you can, try not to sin any more.

Please take your mat and walk, if you get a chance.

Anyone who would be my disciple must love your family first, because that’s what really counts, and please fit your commitments to me around your prior family obligations.

First, go and sell some of what you have, for instance last-year’s fashions, to a vintage shop, and then follow me.

Whenever two or three are gathered, I will be there, so long as you’ve organized yourselves into a committee with a recording secretary.

Repent, or at least think about it for a second, for the kingdom of God has come near, to hug you.

I’m going to tell you a story about sheep and goats, but what I want you to notice is how cuddly both the goats and the sheep are. Seriously  cute!

* Go ye therefore into all the world and, well, be nice. Be really, really nice.
* This last one may be the besetting sin of the Church, (jmp).



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