Monday, 23 February 2015

My selfie

The other week when I was at Trader Joes I bought a bottle of sherry  (I was to have an Englishwoman to lunch at my home that day and I thought that she'd like a wee snifter before lunch.  She did -  but she opted or a Bloody Mary!)
Anyway, I was careless in the manner I placed the Sherry in my cart, and it fell to the ground.  Within seconds four very affable staff members arrived at the scene of the crime and cleaned up the mess.  I suspect that they are familiar with aging klutzes.
When I got to the check out, the equally affable Clerk said  (with a twinkle in her eyes)  "you know, there are other ways of drawing attention to yourself!"
Little did she know.  Today my Dermatologist excised a mean looking lump on my leg (it will be biopsied).
The "wound" could have been covered with a Band-Aid, but the P.A. wrapped my leg in this gorgeous bandage.
Of course it  "draws attention to me", and I will keep in on for as long as possible! (Tongue firmly in cheek).
My brother in law Bernard, and my nephew Nick will be pleased to see this  - red is the team colour for our home team, the Bristol City Football Club: "The Robins"

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