Friday, 13 March 2015

A geat week: The excitement continues on 13th March (lmao)

Flushed with the joy of a good week I decided to treat myself to a good lunch by defrosting a treasured Rib-Eye steak which I had hoarded in the freezer.

Trouble was that what I defrosted was not a Rib-Eye steak, but it was a Pork chop.

Not to be daunted,  I grilled the chop,  and enjoyed it for lunch alongside corn, lima beans, and sweet potato.

Rib-eye steak would have been exciting.  But since I have  had such a great week the "Fates" decided that a Pork chop would bring me down to earth!

The "Fates"were correct. 

Pork chops are humble and fine.  I enjoyed one today.

The Rib-Eye steak can wait for the next dull and boring day.

(Of course my story is true,  so that I had to LMAO  when  I mistook a Pork Chop for a Rib-Eye steak).

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