Saturday, 14 March 2015

i had "that dream" again.

Last night (March 13/14) I had a dream with the theme that has been a frequent part of my dream world.

The consistent theme is that I am one course, one class, or one exam away from a Bachelor's degree, but that sundry events conspire to prevent my taking that last class, course, or exam.

I frequently have that dream, although the details are never the same.

In last night's dream I was within inches of obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree (with a specialty in Engineering).  I was looking forward to telling my Mum that I now had two degrees, one in Theology, the other in Science.

But I could not get to the place where I had to take that final class, course or exam.

First I was in Pill, Somerset, U.K.  (a real place on the banks of the Bristol Avon river), and was trying to take a ferry across the River Avon to a suburb of Bristol, U.K. called Sea Mills. 

There was at one time a ferry from Pill to Sea Mills, though I do not know if that ferry still operates.

In my dream I saw a sign which said that the Ferry had been suspended until 2017.

Next I was in Cheddar, Somerset ( another real place) and was trying to buy  a  ticket for 'bus route #14 which would take me back to Bristol.  I managed to buy a ticket from a vending machine, but the signs which pointed me towards the 'bus stop were misleading. They took me down a side road towards an industrial park where a huge gate suddenly closed, blocking my way.

Finally I was on Church Road, Redfield, Bristol, UK  (a real place, about a mile from where I grew up) and I was trying to get a 'bus from there to 47, Devon Rd, Whitehall, Bristol BS5 9AY - where I and my siblings grew up.

In real life it would have been 'bus #83 which in fact traveled from Church Road, via Gerrish Ave., to Devon Road.

But in my dream all the 'busses were going the wrong way, so I never could get "home"  to complete my Bachelor of Science degree, or to boast of my success to Mum.


Those were the details from last night's dream.  But the theme is consistent: - "I am always within inches of  success/completion, but I never get there".

The "Freudian" interpretations of this dream are manifold!

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