Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Another "magic" day.

In colloquial "English" English the word  "magic" is used to describe something which was good, or great, or enjoyable.

With that in mind, I tell you  my day has been "magic".

I was down at St. B's for the regular Tuesday morning service of Holy Communion.

I knew that the two salaried staff Clerics at St. B's would not be there:  summonsed as they had been to a Diocese of  South West Florida "Clergy Day" at the Diocesan Camp and Conference Centre called "Dayspring",  up in Ellenton, MA.

I was a bit surprised that none of the many St. B's "retired Clerics" were present today, as is their usual practice.

It was my duty to be the "Priest du jour" at today's service.

Thus it was my pleasure to lead a service with the three  "lay" Christians who showed up.  I "preached" a bit about the exciting  Christian Doctrine of the Trinity.

(Church rats will know that Monday 9th was a Feast Day for St. Gregory of Nyssa (an Early Church Bishop and Theologian) who died in about A.D. 198), and who was an ardent advocate for what we modern Episcopalians call "The Doctrine of the Trinity".)

The three lay worshippers told me that they were grateful for my theme:  viz- the Christian Doctrine of the Trinity has to do with an  eternal dance of love.


After lunch I was down at the Sarasota Opera for a matinee offering of Mozart's "Marriage of Figaro".  I cannot say that I enjoyed every minute for, "truth to tell",  I dozed off  a bit during  the first two acts!

Despite my somnolence  I enjoyed much of Mozart's music:  was in awe of some of the solo voices; and rejoiced in the corny/comedic aspects of the libretto.

The Opera is sung in Italian.  This means that I did not understand all the "words",  

Who cares about this?   Not I. 

For you see, at the times when up to six soloists were singing together, (each with a different text), what was most important was not the words of  their song but the beauty of the sound,

I had purchased a ticket "beyond my means" which meant that I was in a "box" seat.

Thus it was that I was seated with two very prosperous "Newfies" (a very down to earth couple)  -  (the husband having  made his fortune in the Newfoundland fish processing industry).  It was nice to chat with them during the two intermissions.


I had to be out of my home for  five hours for the Opera, so my dog "Madame Penne'  spent that time with my "two doors away" neighbours Ed G and Eddie P.

Both "Eds" are very fond of Penne.  She, in turn is "nuts" about Ed. G.  She gets utterly excited whenever she sees him.

So I was able to cease from fretting about my dear Penne whilst I was at the Opera, knowing that she was in good hands with Eddie P and Ed G.

Thank goodness for my dog (Penne), and for two splendid neighbours,


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