Saturday, 23 May 2015


As I walk out with Penne each day I encounter folks in many varieties of dishabille.

Men, well past a "certain age", shirtless, in shorts, and with utterly unattractive bellies.

Women,  (older than I) in ugly house coats, or even in nighties - fetching the morning newspaper.

Each to her/his own, I suppose.

I often see,  (early every morning, at a distance),  one particular woman  as she walks her dog.   She is always dressed in simple elegance. 'Tis a joy to behold.

This  morning we came face to face.  We greeted each other.

I said "may I offer you a compliment?".  She nodded her assent. 

"You" I said, "are always dressed so beautifully".

She replied " I do so because I have to work".

"What kind of work?"  I asked.

"At T..le Bro..ers" Funeral Home" she replied.

I said "now I understand, and I admire your gracious appearance".

She responded with a smile.  She thanked me.  Then she said "it's worth getting up every morning so that I can dress well, and then go to work".

"Dressing well to go to work!"  "Ma'am you inspire me!"

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