Faux Cho

Regular readers will know that I am very partial to Gazpacho -  a delicious cold soup, to be enjoyed in hot weather.

Here is how Wikipedia describes it:


Today I made what I call "faux-cho".

I had about 3/4 of a litre of store-bought "Bloody Mary Mix".

(I bought it earlier in the year when my English friend Muriel Q, and our Anglophile friends Jack and Donna C. came to my home for a lunch which featured "kippers".   I figured that these friends might enjoy a pre-lunch "Bloody Mary", which they did, and I did not.  Hence I had a surplus of "Bloody Mary Mix").

"Waste not - want not"  indeed, but "Bloody Mary Mix" on its own is hardly refreshing.

So I took the bloody mary mix I had, and  added:

1.  (Store bought and in a plastic container) chopped peppers (of various hues),

2. Two large peeled and cut up tomatoes,

3. Some stale French (baguette) bread, which I had grated.

I did not add any seasoning 'cause the Bloody Mary Mix itself is well seasoned.

In Spain or Portugal this would qualify as "faux gazpacho".

In my home I call it "Faux Cho".    Damn, it's good!


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