Tchaikowsy, Brahms, Britten, and my Mum.

Peter Tchaikovsky was born on 7th May  in 1833

Johannes Brahms was born on 7th May in 1840

Evelyn Maud Finch (my mother) was born on 7th May 1913 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, U.K.

Benjamin Britten was born in 1913 in Lowestoft, Suffolk, U.K.

(Mum was born as Evelyn Maud Povey.  When she married my Dad she became Evelyn Maud Povey.  After his death she re-married, and became Evelyn Maud Woolcock.)

Mum, a matter of months before her death in 2002


Johannes Brahms

Peter Tchaikovsky

Benjamin Britten.

Lowestoft Harbour area.

The drawbridge, left centre, (with a bit of blue at each end), is the only link between South and North Lowestoft.  When it is "up" traffic in the town grinds to an all embracing halt.
QUIZ:   What do Tchaikovsky, Britten, and John Michael Povey have in common?.


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