Wednesday, 8 July 2015

I hope that they will be gentle when they take me away.

Some may remember that earlier this year I believed  that my dish-washer needed a repair, or that I would have to replace it.

I thought so, because the "heated dry" part of the cycle was not working. My pots, pans, dishes and cutlery would be well-washed, but not dried.

Then I discovered that the switch for  the "heated dry" option was off when I thought it was on;  and on when I thought it was off.



About a year ago I began to have problems with my oven.  One or the other of the heating elements was not working,  (or so I thought).  as I attempted to cook a casserole.  The oven was not reaching the desired temperature.

This was not a major problem as I also have counter-top convection/conventional oven, which I have been using for these past twelve months, leaving my big oven/stove to its own devices.

Later this year I will entertain various family members who will visit me from England.   With that in mind I decided that my oven/stove needed to be fixed, or replaced. (It's hard to cook for more than one or two in a counter top oven),

With that in mind I called a local service Company -   "Badger Bob's" - with a request for service,  (my Church and Facebook friend Barbara Ford-Coates had recommended them).

"Badger Bob's"  sent a very pleasant service agent (with the unusual first name "Bacon").  He very quickly discovered that there was nothing amiss with the oven.  Both elements (the upper and the lower)  were working well. 

Lord alone knows why  earlier this year  I thought that my dishwasher was in distress, and that over a year ago I thought that my oven needed fixing.  Both were in good working order.

I hope that they will be gentle when they take me away.

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