Monday, 6 July 2015

My sister Maureen

July 6th 2015, the 78th birthday of my sister Maureen Joy Theobald.

She is one of the very finest women I have known.  I am utterly privileged to be her brother.

Maureen is a wise and loving wife, mother, grandmother, and sister.

She loves God, she loves her family, she loves her neighbour as herself.

When she was born my parents could not decide on a middle name.  The woman who lived next door, (we called her Auntie Charlton), said  "call her Joy, for she will always be a joy to you".    Those were perceptive and prophetic words.

I thank God for her every day, but especially on this, her birthday.

She and her husband Bernard will be visiting me in November, together with my second sister Jean and her husband John.

Maureen and Bern on the cruise we took to Norway last year.


  1. We loved meeting her and look forward to her visit in November, give her our love.

  2. And so say all of us !!