Friday, 14 August 2015

A lunch-time treat

As I ate my lunch today  (August 14th) I was given a marvelous treat -  the sight of  Sandhill Cranes  walking  just outside my Lanai, not more than 8' from where I was seated.

These gorgeous creatures usually walk in threes:-  female, male, and chick, (Sandhills mate for life).

There were just two today -  I  think  that one was an adult, and the other a chick.

It was a beautiful sight.

Their walk is so stately:- measured and calm. 

Their walk is so gracious: - never slouching, but exhibiting immense dignity.

Their walk is utterly unhurried: - they "take time to smell the roses", or to feast on a grub or a seed in the grass beneath their feet.


The two Sandhill Cranes who delighted me today also moved my imagination.

That imagination took me back some eighty years. 

 I imagined an elderly English couple,  way back in the 1930's,  as they take  a gentle stroll around (let's say), Green Park, in London, U.K.

Can't you just see this imaginary  couple:   Stately, measured, calm, dignified, and  unhurried in their peregrination; just like those Sandhills?

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