Saturday, 15 August 2015

Apostrophe's and Exclamation Mark's!!!!!

"Team Wilson" a local Realtor business sent a couple of dogsbodies into our neighbourhood yesterday to place "doorknob hanging" flyers at each of our Villas.

I reminded them that our Condominium Association forbids solicitation (as shown on our two entrance signs).

They responded that they were not soliciting, rather they were inviting us to two "open houses" which are taking place tomorrow.

"That's a fine line", I thought, "disingenuous indeed".

I made it my business this morning to remove the flyers from four neighboring Villas whose owners are away for the summer.  If left on the door knob, the flyers could be a sure sign to bad people that the Villa is a sure bet for burglary.


The flyers read:

You're invited!
Open Villa's Sunday
the 16th from 1-4

Two Amazing Updated Villa's
in Glen Oaks Ridge.

The obverse of the flyer has two photo's.
One bears the text:

Amazing Updated Lake View Villa!

The other reads:

Private Updated Villa on Belleflower
Street with View of Golf Course!


As I wrote ---   Apostrophe's and Exclamation Mark's!!!!!


( We do not allow solicitation because many of our owners are frail and elderly,  and there is more than one con-artist out there.)


P.S.  I changed my computer's browser from Google Chrome to Mozilla Firefox.  Now I can again upload photo's.

One of the amazing (!!) owners's !!! at Glen Oaks Ridge!!!!  

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