Wednesday, 14 October 2015

A lovely lunch with a dear friend

My dearly beloved friend Diana is back in the area after her summer sojourn on the island of North Haven in Maine.

Her husband, my friend Fred, will come back from North Haven next month.

Diana and I had lunch at the Dry Dock on Longboat Key.  see:-

The weather was warm, but with a gentle breeze  so we were able to eat outdoors - facing the Intra-Coastal Waterway.

The food was good.  We both chose the "FRESH CATCH SALAD........" (see the lunch menu).

The "Market Price" fish today was "Grouper" -  a delicious and expensive "treat".

The food was good, but the fellowship  was better.

Diana is a charming, intelligent and delightful woman,  Her earliest years were spent in "British India"  where her father was an agent for "Imperial Airways"  (later BOAC, and even later,  British Air).

When her father was transfered to a post in Africa, Diana and her sister were sent back to England to attend a Boarding School.   They came to a cold, grey country, with terrible food  (soon after WWII)  -  a marked contrast to the warm and colourful India, with wonderful food!

There's a long story as to how and why Diana came to the United States, but she and I are glad that our lives intertwined here.

FRED, like I,  is a retired Priest in the Episcopal Church.  We knew and respected each other when he was a Rector in Greenfield MA and I was in Pittsfield MA.

We were delighted (via happenstance) to be reunited when he and Diana (who I had not known in our Western Massachusetts days) - moved to the Sarasota area.

Today was a Diana and Michael day.  We so much enjoyed being together, relaxed as we were, with scarcely a care in the world - able to enjoy life on life's terms, and although we are new friends to chat as if we were old friends.

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