Saturday, 17 October 2015

WORDS (from my restless mind)

1. I have met many people who are  HIGHFALUTIN.

Why is it that I have never met any LOWFALUTIN people?

2.  I sometimes read or hear that certain items will be "auctioned off".

"Off what?".  Shouldn't they be simply "auctioned"?

3.  In a similar vein, I often hear that a computer file or photo' will be "printed up - (or out)".

Are there computers in the sky (up),  or out of doors (out)

Shouldn't  we simply say "this will be printed"?

4. The creeping and unnecessary  "e".(and "p") 

I was near the ghastly  University Town Centre in SRQ this afternoon when I spotted a sign which directed drivers  to "The Shoppes"..

What are "Shoppes"?   Are they not simply "Shops"?

5. And should not our local "developments"  be  "Palm Air"  rather than "Palm Aire", or "Grand Point" rather than "Grande Pointe"?  


JohnE MichaelE PoveyE

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