Sunday, 8 November 2015

Church and friends

The Bristol folks came to St. Boniface Church this morning.  They received a warm welcome and they liked the service.

I was privileged to preach.   My sermon (video) will be on line in a day or two -  I'll ldt you know when it is posted.

This evening we had a lovely dinner with St. Boniface folks, Jack (the Revd) and Donna Chrisman, and Andi (the Revd) Taylor

Jack, Donna and Andi were in Bristol this summer, (Jack and DFonna for a family wedding, Andi on her sabbatical leave. and got to spend time then with my bro. Martyn, his wife Wendy, together with Maureen and Bernard.  So our dinner this evening was a Bristol reunion of sorts.

Bristol reunion.  Bern, Maureen, Andi, Donna, Jack
Jean and John met Andi, Donna and Jack for the first time.

Donna with her summer wedding hat.  She and Wendy bought this at Debenhams Store in Bristol.

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  1. Loved having The Povey​​'s to dinner, a wonderful bunch indeed! Andi topped everything off!