Thursday, 12 November 2015

Half -inches reunion

Our mother's birth name was Evelyn Maud FINCH

One of her brothers, Walter Charles FINCH, was the father of my first cousin Janet who visits south west Florida every year.'

Janet lives in Bristol U.K.  as do my sisters Maureen and Jean who are currently visiting me (with their husbands Bern and John respectively).

Of course, since Janet is a one of my first cousins, she is also first cousin to my sisters.

Although they live in the same City, they rarely see each other, the most recent time being in 2009 at a celebration of my 65th birthday in Bristol.

That was the case until today.   Janet traveled from her time share at Treasure Island, FL.

We traveled from SRQ.  

We met at the wonderful Fort DeSoto County Park.  There we enjoyed a picnic lunch,

Janet, my brother-in-law John,  and I had a swim in the warm November waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

It tickles me pink that the first cousins Janet, Maureen and Jean got to see each other for the first time in six years, not in Bristol U.K., but in a County Park in S.W. Florida.

My wacky sense of humour noted that since we each are half Finch descendants (via Janet's Dad and our Mum) -   we are in fact  half inches.

Half inches (1) at Fort DeSoto County Beach

Half Finch cousins all.  L - R Maureen, jmp, Jean and Janet 

( P.S. I see Janet and her partner Steve every year when they visit their time shares, one in Treasure Island, the other on Longboat Key).

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